Euro Jigsaw Jam

We welcome you to participate in our live online speed puzzling events - the Euro Jigsaw Jam! Join in the exciting and competitive atmosphere of assembling an unknown puzzle, while racing against other speed puzzlers from around Europe!

Each event will use a different mystery puzzle with 500 pieces. The mystery puzzle will be sent to the participants ahead of time and packaged in a way that the box is not visible. 

The package should not be opened until you are sitting at your computer at the appointed date and time and given the instruction to unwrap from the host. The anticipation and surprise is part of the experience!

Everyone will do their best to solve the puzzle as quickly as possible. There will be prizes for the three fastest puzzlers at each virtual competition.

Additionally, all results will be published on our website, forming a database of results and rankings. 

We know there are many speed puzzlers in Europe registered for the upcoming World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship 2024 in Valladolid, Spain in September. Our Euro Jigsaw Jam aims to serve the speed puzzling community by providing an opportunity for regular competitions, which is invaluable training for the WJPC, as well as national championships.

When does the Euro Jigsaw Jam take place?

Our online competitions are planned for the following dates and times. Click on the available mystery puzzles on this page to book your attendance at our online shop. If you can't see any mystery puzzles, then they are currently all sold out. 

Please order far enough in advance to allow for delivery to your location from our warehouse in Germany. See the shipping page for more details.

We use the Central European Time (CET) zone, which includes most European countries - for example 7pm / 19.00. Portugal and the United Kingdom are one hour behind - 6pm / 18:00, while Finland, Romania, and Greece are one hour ahead - 8pm / 20:00. 

The event will take place via Google Meet, you don't need to make an account or install any software. Participants will receive a separate email with a link to the event and all details before the competition. The event opens 10-15 minutes before the start time, allowing participants enough time to set up their cameras and puzzling spaces before the competition begins.

All events are live-streamed on YouTube. Afterwards the steam can be seen on the Speed Puzzle Youtube channel.  


What are the prizes?

We will award gift vouchers for our online shop to the top three puzzlers at each Euro Jigsaw Jam. Recipients can redeem the gift vouchers to participate in future events or for puzzles of their choice.

First: 50€

Second: 40€

Third: 30€


Can I participate if I’m not European?

Yes, everyone is welcome to participate, even if they don’t have a European nationality or live in a European country. 

However, please consider the delivery times from Germany and shipping costs to your location (customs duties may apply), as well as the time zone of our competitions.


I’m not available at that time, can I participate offline?

If you’re not available to participate in an event at the organised time, please do not order the mystery puzzle. 

Following each competition we will reveal the puzzle and the results, and anyone can order the puzzle and time themself when they solve it. Check out our results page and compare your time. If you like, you can add your time to the speed puzzling community database at

However, only the people participating at the live event will be eligible for prizes and have their names in the official results. We do wish to emphasise that the participation in a live event is exciting and has more pressure, than just completing a puzzle at a time convenient to you. Therefore we cannot mix results between those in the live event and those who assemble the puzzle offline.