Ravensburger Puzzle 500 Pieces - Polygon Lion (BOTYP IV)

This is the puzzle being used for the fourth Battle of the Youtube Puzzlers (BOTYP IV) and everyone can join in! Complete this puzzle and record your time in the Google Form. If you don't complete within 90 minutes, count up how many pieces you have left. This challenge is open for all nationalities and runs until 31st August.
All information is in the videos below.

Experience the strength and beauty of the king of beasts in a modern polygon look with this stunning puzzle. The multifaceted colors of the lion capture your gaze and challenge your patience and skill. This work of art in puzzle form brings the savannah into your home as you piece by piece assemble the majestic calm of this predator. A true masterpiece for wildlife enthusiasts and modern design lovers.
Size: 36 x 49 cm
Age: 12 years+
Brand: Ravensburger
EAN: 4005556169849
Pieces: 500 pieces
Type: Illustration
Year of Publication: 2022

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