EJJ Trier Sunday 18th August 2024, 9:00 - 18:30

Join us for the first in-person speed puzzling event in Trier - Germany’s oldest city with a rich Roman history!

The EJJ Trier encompasses a whole day of puzzling action and the opportunity to hangout with like-minded puzzle friends. 

Whether you are a serious speed puzzler training for the World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship in Spain, a speedpuzzling newbie getting your feet wet in the competition circuit or a slow puzzler keen on tackling a 9000 piece puzzle, this is the event for you!

As the event runs over one day, it is recommended to stay at least one night in Trier, preferably two, to make the most of the event and to ensure you are well-rested.



Blume, Pflanze
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Blume, Pflanze
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Die Tageskarte beinhaltet folgendes:




Mittagessen im Bistro

Nachmittagstee & Kaffee 

Lockeres Puzzlen & 100K-Challenge


Spende an den Saskia Recovery Fund

Die Teilnehmer behalten die Puzzles der Wettbewerbe an denen sie teilnehmen (Ein Puzzle pro Wettbewerb zum Teilen)



Die Tageskarte beinhaltet folgendes:

Teilnahme am Paar- oder Teamwettbewerb

Lockeres Puzzlen & 100.000 Teile-Challenge

Mittagessen im Bistro

Nachmittagstee & Kaffee


Spende an den Saskia Recovery Fund

Die Teilnehmer behalten die Puzzles der Wettbewerbe an denen sie teilnehmen (Ein Puzzle pro Wettbewerb zum Teilen)



The day ticket includes the following:

Team competition
Solo competition
Pairs competition
Lunch in cafeteria
Afternoon tea
Casual puzzling & 100K challenge
Puzzle swap
Donation towards Saskia Recovery Fund
Participants keep the puzzles used in the team, pairs and solo competitions (One puzzle per competition to share)



The day ticket includes the following:

Team or Pair competition
Casual puzzling & 100K challenge
Lunch in restaurant
Afternoon tea
Puzzle swap
Donation towards Saskia Recovery Fund
Participants keep the puzzles used in the team or pairs competitions (One puzzle per competition to share)



Römerstadt-Jugendherberge (Roman City Youth Hostel).



An der Jugendherberge 4, 54292 Trier, Germany.




9:00am - Casual puzzling and the 100K piece challenge opens.  

10:00am - 12:00pm - Team competition - 1000 pieces, teams of four people, time limit 120 minutes. 

12:00pm - 2:00pm - Lunch in the cafeteria on site. 

1:30pm - 3:30pm - Solo competition - 500 pieces, one person, time limit 120 minutes. 

3:15pm - 4.15pm - Afternoon tea. 

4.00pm - 5.30pm - Pairs competition, 500 pieces, two people, time limit 90 minutes. 

5.30pm - 6.00pm - Prizegiving


Casual Puzzling Room & 100K Piece Challenge 

Throughout the day, each puzzle that gets completed by the participants will be recorded in our 100K piece challenge Google Form. Whether it is a 99 piece mini puzzle, a 500-piece speed puzzle or a 9000 piece giant puzzle, it doesn’t matter - every piece counts! ;) 

The casual puzzling room is open all day and people can come and go as they please. Dedicated casual puzzlers may wish to hang out the whole day there, while speed puzzlers will likely pop-in before and after competitions to keep their fingers occupied and hold off the nerves! ;) 

Aside from the two 9000 piece giant puzzles, there will be an assortment of puzzles of all sizes. 

The room is located on the lower level of the main building, however has several windows and receives natural light.


Speed Puzzling Competitions 

All speed puzzling competitions will take place in the Kaisersaal - a large conference room in the new modern wing of the youth hostel. The Kaisersaal has floor to ceiling windows, with curtains in case it gets too bright. 


Team Competition - Sponsored by Eurographics - 1000 Pieces 

Teams of four will complete a 1000-piece puzzle as fast as they can within the two hour time limit. The puzzle will be a mystery puzzle from the brand Eurographics and will be part of their “Smart Cut” series.

Smart Cut is a special random cut which means the pieces come in a variety of wacky and non-standard shapes. Smart Cut offers a stimulating and enjoyable experience for newbies and seasoned dissectologists alike! 

Prizes will be awarded to the top three teams.


Solo Competition - 500 pieces 

Individuals will test their speed puzzling skills as they assemble a 500-piece puzzle from the Polish brand CherryPazzi, within a two-hour time limit. 

Prizes will be awarded to the three fastest puzzlers overall, plus the top three juniors - children aged 15 years or under.

There is no lower age limit for the solo competition, however each junior should have completed at least three 500-piece puzzles before, without assistance, in less than two hours.


Pairs Competition - 500 Pieces - Sponsored by CherryPazzi

Two people will work together to complete a 500 piece puzzle from CherryPazzi within 90 minutes. 

Prizes will be awarded to the three fastest pairs overall, plus the top three family pairs - one adult plus one child aged 15 years or under.


Lunch in Cafeteria 

The Jugendherberge has a bistro lounge on-site and both the day tickets for speed puzzlers and casual puzzlers include the midday meal. This includes a soup for starters, a warm meal and salad, as well as juice and water.

There will be vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options available. After purchasing your ticket, you will receive a link to the registration form, where you can specify your dietary requirements.


Afternoon Tea 

In the afternoon there will be a break with coffee, tea, and small servings of cake and fruit.

Unfortunately it is not possible to remove the lunch or afternoon tea from the ticket price and to bring your own food. The Jugendherberge charges us a price per person which includes the food, so it does not get cheaper if you choose to not eat the food provided on site.



At the reception of the Jugendherberge it’s possible to purchase additional hot drinks. There is a vending machine on site with sweet and salty snacks. Bottles of drinks will be available to purchase in the casual puzzling room (cash only). 


Saskia Recovery Fund

This event is not just about bringing puzzle fans together and racing each other. There is also a deeper purpose, in that we wish to support our colleague Saskia Heuskel.

Saskia has worked with our company for almost seven years until she was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2023. Over several months, she has undergone surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Due to metastasis, the chemo was ended a couple of months ago, and she is now undertaking alternative treatments, namely heat therapy and a strict natural diet. 

As the heat therapy is not covered by the German health insurance system, and she is unable to work for the foreseeable future, the costs of her treatments are a burden. With each Speed Puzzler and Casual Puzzler ticket, 10€ and 5€ respectively will go to her recovery fund.


Puzzle Swap 

Out with the old and in with the new! If you’re looking for some new treasures for your puzzle shelf and are ready to part with some preloved puzzles, then it’s time for the puzzle swap! For every puzzle that you bring to the swap, you may take a goodie home with you.

Please ensure that all the pieces of each puzzle are in a resealable bag inside the box. This ensures that no pieces will get lost during transport, in case the puzzles get bumped or dropped. It’s also a chance for you to blow out some of that puzzle dust! ;)


Families & Children

This is a family-friendly event and everyone is welcome regardless of age.

Many children love to puzzle. Did you know that two of the fastest speed puzzlers in the world are only 9 and 11 years old?!

Children under 15 years of age are welcome to participate in our casual or speed puzzling activities. Unfortunately there is no discount for the day tickets for younger participants, as it costs us the same per person to use the conference rooms and cafeteria, regardless if someone is 12, 40 or 70.

Families with younger kids who come to support a speed puzzling family member are welcome to observe and do a bit of puzzling on the side. Please note that observers without day tickets may not participate in the competitions, eat in the cafeteria or enjoy the afternoon tea. They can also not decide spontaneously to have lunch, as we must provide the numbers of diners to the kitchen two weeks in advance and only enough food is prepared as is required.

There will be a few kid-friendly puzzles available, but most of them have hundreds or thousands of small pieces, so it is likely that smaller kids will quickly get bored.

Younger children should not come unaccompanied into the puzzling rooms and should not disturb the tables or pieces of the puzzlers. Babies and small children should be contained in buggies or babywearing wraps or carriers.

We want to provide an ideal environment for the speed puzzlers to perform to the best of their ability. Therefore children that make disturbances should be removed from the competition room out of respect for the competitors.

Directly in front of the Jugendherberge is a playground. There is also another playground just 10 minutes walk away in the direction of the Holiday Inn Express. Within the Jugendherberge is an indoor activity room and kid’s play corner.

The Jugendherberge is located directly on the Moselle River and is a great location for walks and bike rides.

If you do not purchase a day ticket and wish to bring your own food, please note that the Jugendherberge does not allow BYO food in the facility, as they make their money through providing meals for groups. Therefore if you wish to bring your own salads and sandwiches, please eat them in your car or find a nice park bench near the river to enjoy your lunch.

The bringing of snacks and drinks for small children is not a problem.


There is plenty of free parking directly in front of the building.


Although we are in Germany, we are expecting several guests from other European countries and therefore the language of the event will be English.

Our team all speak German and some speak French, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions or something is unclear.


The nearest accommodation options are:

Jugendherberge youth hostel (on site)


Hotel am Ufer (5 minute walk)


Holiday Inn Express (10 min walk)


Hotel Restaurant-Balkan Trier (10 minute walk)